Warranty & Care

We provide a 1 year Warranty on all Shrubs and Trees which we install, Warranty however does not cover the installation cost of replacing.  Warranty covers death of plant by disease it does not cover death of plant because of watering issues.

Hydro-Seeding, or Seeding warranty does not include washouts from weather, if we need to come back and spot seed washed out area’s we will do it at cost

Shrub and Tree Care 

For newly installed Shrubs: They need to be watered 3 times a week 5 min preferably by hose.

Hydrangea’s: May need more water then other installed shrubs make sure you watch the leaves, if leaves curl or weep it is a sign of lack of water.

Trees: Newly installed trees need to be watered by hose, sprinkler systems do not produce enough water to penetrate the root system, water trees for 10 min by hose 3 times a week for the 1st year

Seeding Care

To Much activity on newly seeded lawn will interfere with the seed germination.  For the next 2-3 weeks we suggest limiting the amount of activity on your lawn as much as possible

During first few weeks (4-5 weeks) of new seed it must be kept damp, if have sprinkler system it needs to be run a few times a day and only for approx 3-5min.

Seed will need to be fertilized(4 weeks) once you see growth, Fertilizer must contain no weed preventative FERTILIZER ONLY. If you want a referral for this

Emerald Lawn Care Todd Falkenberg

Office #: 419-825-8658 and Cell #: 419-966-7989

Mow Lawn as quick as needed approx. when lawn reaches 3″ high