Q?Do you have a warranty for installed projects?

There is a 1 year Warranty on installed trees, shrubs and perennials.  however must be watered properly we do not cover items dyeing because of over watering or lack of watering.

Seed Warranty does not cover washouts from mother nature, we will come back and re seed however home owner responsible for the cost of supplies.


Q?How often should water my new Landscape Project

Newly planted Trees for the first year should be watered twice a week by hose for 10min at a time, Sprinkler systems for lawns DO NOT WATER TREES ENOUGH,  may need more of less pending on weather conditions.  If you ever have a question on health of your planted trees please just call us we are more then happy to assist you.

Newly planted Shrubs will need to also be watered twice a week but time is cut down to 5min .

Grass Seed needs to be kept damp fist 2 wks so if watering by hand or sprinkler system this will need to be done a few times a day but just enough to dampen the newly installed seed.





Q?When should I trim back my bushes?

Bushes and flowers need trimmed back at specific times especially if they are spring bloomers, then you do not want to trim them after July.